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Black Flour Apparel

Rise Up Hoodie

Rise Up Hoodie

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Media has always attempted to control our actions through our thoughts. Who to like, what to eat, who to love, who to hate, how to to live. In all realness, they have been successful in most of their efforts. In our current climate, this lack of cognition can be dangerous. You could ultimately believe something that is not true, causing harm to yourself or someone you care about.  So how do you combat this?


When you kill the feed and silence the media, it allows you to THINK on your OWN. The message that will most likely manifest is to...


Fight the Media! Do your own research and come up with your own beliefs! This isn't a Black thing. It's not a White thing, nor Latino, nor's a Human Rights thing!  

Inspired by the current events of 2020 and television broadcast "cease transmission" rainbows. If your old enough to know what they are, then you know. 

Designed by: Black Flour Apparel

Screenprinted by: Lexpressions Screenprinting

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