About Us

What Is Black Flour? A History Lesson...

Black Flour is an homage to the first population of free and enslaved Blacks in the United States that made a living as Millers and Millwrights, beginning an economic revolution in America. 

As history has it, black millers generally levied 20% of the finished product to local farmers as payment for their work. Them having intimate control over this area of production (knowledge of weights, measures, and mathematics), the weight was not always equal to the tax. This “short-weighting” in turn allowed the millers to provide for themselves, their families, and create an underground economy that was paramount to the prospering of the free black community in rural areas.


Who Is Black Flour For?

Black Flour is for anyone that is looking for high-quality and super comfortable basics, as well as clean graphic styles. It's for those looking to upgrade their wardrobe to garments that will become your "go to" favorites to wear. It is for those that understand how paramount it is for someone to grow something of their own, nurture it, and benefit from its harvest. It is for those that understand why supporting the Black Economy is so important and want to #supportblackbusinesses as well as #supportsmallbusinesses. 


Why is Black Flour Different From Other Brands?

  1. Black Flour's mission is to seek out, spotlight, and support as many Black-Owned businesses as possible. Our brand is about you!
  2. We specifically source only high thread count garments. Our Quality is IMPORTANT to us!
  3. All of our garments have circulated through no less than THREE Black Owned Businesses before it arrives in your hands. Designed, Printed, Stitched, Altered, and Embellished using Black Owned Businesses.
  4. Our apparel is limited in production (no more than 50 units per run), meaning you get EXCLUSIVE pieces that no one else will have. 
  5. We seek to reinvest dollars and hours back into Black Communities through business highlights, community service, business connections, and financial education to assist them in developing and stimulating their own economic development.

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